Time of Introspection from a Proud Pop

At this time of year, Jews everywhere sit down and review the past year…highs and lows, successes, failures and offer their own prayers whether silent or communal.

For those of us who have struggled with infertility, the journey to have a child, it can be a time of great joy or continuing sorrow, questioning why not or rejoicing in the fact that we finally have been blessed!

This is the second Jewish high holy day season that I can rejoice! My little guy is now 14 months old and with each and every day reminds me that the journey was well worth the wait.

The more than a decade of trials and tribulations while at times difficult, sometimes tested our  beliefs, stretched our finances to new unknown depths. We never lost sight of our goal and belief that with the help of modern medicine, and support of various types from family and friends and loads of faith in the Big Guy Upstairs we too might be blessed.

As a hold my son in my arms whether at synagogue, or push him in his baby stroller as we walk through the mall and he gives “hi 5’s to all the Aunties” who know him and flashes his winning smile at them, I once again offer a prayer of thanks to the Big Guy upstairs and the fertility specialists at Manor IVF who didn’t allow us to give up hope.

Yes infertility is sometimes a lonely journey, but you don’t have to travel it alone! I urge you to find your own Manor IVF, or a team of specialists who can accompany you on the road to parenthood! We did and urge others to call Manor IVF and see if they can help make your dreams come true too!

Chanah’s Story of Prayer and Hope


As we near the Jewish high holidays, I am reminded of the biblical story of Chanah who prayed for a child:

Chanah, the childless wife of Elkanah, came to Shiloh, where the Sanctuary stood before King Solomon built the Holy Temple in Jerusalem, to pray for a child:

She prayed to G-d, weeping profusely. And she vowed a vow, and said: “O L-rd of Hosts… If You will give Your maidservant a child, I shall dedicate him to G-d all the days of his life…”[1]…. I have poured out my soul before the face of G-d…” [2]

Eli accepted her answer and blessed her that G-d should grant her request. That year, Chanah gave birth to a son, whom she named Samuel (“asked from G-d”). After weaning him, she fulfilled her vow to dedicate him to the service of G-d by bringing him to Shiloh, where he was raised by Eli and the priests. Samuel grew up to become one of the greatest prophets of Israel.

The “Prayer of Chanah,” as this reading is called, is one of the fundamental biblical sources for the concept of prayer, and many of the laws governing prayer are derived from it. Indeed, the dialogue between Eli and Chanah touches on the very essence of prayer in general, and of prayer on Rosh HaShanah in particular.

We all need to find our own Chanah, whether it is the belief in the Big Guy upstairs, or a special doctor, clinic or friend!

The same way Chanah searched for her answer and prayed for a child, today we have the internet, Google, Facebook, Twitter…we all need to find our bit of hope. For me it was specialists at Manor in Israel who never allowed us to give up hope!

A tip of the hat to Manor IVF in Israel that helped give me the joy of being able to hold my son at High Holiday services this year!

Chag samayach, happy holiday and Shanah Tova. Happy New Year.


  1. Recently read about a successful crossing of the English Channel. A feat of strength,  perseverance, bravery and the willingness to not give up. While my wife and I  didn’t swim the Channel, our 10+ year IVF saga at times felt like we were trying to! After a while we lost count how many cycles we went through…hormone injections, perscription after prescription, and trying to find a new spot to inject that wasn’t black ‘n blue. We learned patience, to stay positive and to never give up! Just at the point we almost lost all hope, friends told us, why not try Israel! After a bit of research we found the experts at Manor IVF in Tel Aviv. They’re a caring group of fertility specialists who offered a helping hand, and the willingness to help make our dreams come true…all without breaking the bank! I ‘m happy to say, our little guy, Liam is now a bit over the 1 year marK.  I  recently went to Sabbath services, and I held Liam with his head on my shoulder I felt pride rushing through me and thought about the 10 years I had always dreamt of this moment and had felt a bit of sadness when I ‘d see other Dad’s holding their little one. At that moment I really felt my prayers had been answered!
  2. Every night when I look down at him in the half light as he snoozes in his crib I say a silent prayer of thanks to Manor IVF and to the Big Guy upstairs. 
  3. Don’t give up, stay positive and hang in there! You too can find your Manor IVF!